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Asset Management

Squirrel Process Management

We developed a tool to provide customized functionality for our lifecycle asset management services. It is the central point of collection and dissemination providing a full range of functionality. Workflows are triggered by programmed data points as well as reporting capabilities coupled with a full audit trail and self-documenting workflow engine.

We provide:

  • Cabinet Staging & Integration: Support cabinet deployments on any scale
  • Full testing capabilities.
  • Spares Management & Disaster Recovery.
  • Bar coding and scanning capabilities.
  • Online asset tracking application that is customizable to customers requirements.
  • Spares management.
  • Asset Recovery: Decommissioning, disposal and resell services.
  • Serial number and revision level tracking.
  • Inventory cycle-counting capabilities.
  • Staging facilities and temporary storage.
  • Support for field integration and testing