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City of New York selects Optimos

Optimos International, LLCNewsCity of New York selects Optimos



City of New York selects Optimos

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Optimos International to develop platform for LinkNYC

Atlanta, Georgia – New York City’s DoITT (Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications) has contracted Optimos International LLC to develop a Test and Reporting platform for their gigabit LinkNYC network.

LinkNYC is a first-of-its-kind communications network that will replace over 7,500 pay phones across the five boroughs with new structures called Links. Each Link will provide superfast, free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging and a tablet for access to city services, maps and directions.

LinkNYC is a combined effort by the City of New York and CityBridge, a NYC-based consortium of leading experts in technology, media, and connectivity. CityBridge is investing more than $200 million to build hundreds of miles of new fiber optic cable that will deliver gigabit connectivity to Links in all five boroughs. Each gigabit Link is powered by an all-new, purpose-built fiber optic network that delivers speeds up to 100 times faster than average public Wi-Fi.

“LinkNYC represents a bold, positive step toward a more inclusive digital future for New York City. Between free public wireless Internet and free phone calls, LinkNYC kiosks will provide an indispensable resource for everyone that lives and visits the city—most importantly, those underserved and low-income New Yorkers that don’t have access to or can’t afford the cost of high-speed Internet access. The gigabit speed kiosks and the fiber that powers them will provide a key building block in helping make New York a first-class digital city, and will have the same impact on our whole community as indoor plumbing, clean running water, electricity, and the subway systems did over a century ago,” said Dana Spiegel, Executive Director, NYCwireless.

Construction of the LinkNYC network has commenced, with new Links being installed and turned on everyday. Up to 10,000 Links will be installed across all five boroughs during the term of the franchise agreement.


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