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Small Cells

Small Cell Networks

The macro layer (cell towers) provides coverage to virtually everywhere in North America. However, capacity is another issue entirely.  Today it is a very common occurrence to have good signal strength but insufficient bandwidth while attending a sporting event, visiting a hospital, shopping during the holidays, staying at a hotel or any place where there are many users.

Small Cells are being deployed to provide coverage in targeted locations, moving radios closer to the subscriber, and or to providing additional call and data-handling capacity in areas with concentrated demands for wireless services.

Small Cell solutions are typically deployed piecemeal to provide coverage or enhance capacity in much smaller areas with a single wireless communications technology for a single wireless carrier. While each small cell installation is similar to a single DAS Node installation in that it requires a communications link back to the larger network, an electric power source, and location space, an appropriately configured small cell can generally be deployed to provide an immediate solution to a more isolated and smaller coverage or capacity challenge in a manner that requires much less upfront design work, planning and capital investment than DAS facilities.

Optimos Small Cell Services

Optimos delivers all aspects of small cell network design, deployment, integration and maintenance. We carry iBwave Certifications for in-building network design.

  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Design
  • Site Acquisition & Permitting
  • Backhaul
  • Field Site Survey
  • Installation
  • Commission and Integration
  • Optimization

DesignWAVE – Don’t guess, MEASURE!

DesignWAVE is unique design and optimization methodology using proprietary hardware and software to create DAS and Small Cell Designs that come with a performance guarantee. Our approach has been proven successful from the smallest projects to large scale campus environments that include stadiums, arenas, common areas, residential areas.

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Legacy / Prediction Based Design

iBwave is the industry’s leading software to automate in-building network design planning activities. Eliminate the extra work by generating complete documentation of required files and tasks, increasing the accuracy and productivity in your indoor wireless projects.

Optimos International uses iBwave Certified Teshnicians to ensure quality and exceed customer expectations.

Site Analysis

A good design is critical, but it requires a proper analysis of the macro network, CW testing and a visual review of areas which may present interference upfront.

Our Ferrit handset app has the capability to provide 80% of the desired upfront measurements for a fraction of the cost through other methods.

Continuous Wave (CW) Testing

CW Testing is a vital step in the RF Design process that provides a measured validation of design objectives. We provide both in-building and outdoor testing, conducting rooftop, tower-mounted and crane tests with complete reporting that contains pictures, test link budget, MapInfo plots, etc.


Optimos International can build your Small Cell network in any environment or venue. Our trained and experienced licensed Electricians and Technicians understand Building Codes and Connectivity with Best in Class practices, but they also understand the need to maintain “spotless” work areas.  When we leave the work area, it will look like we were never there.  For areas, such as hospitals, we also have built a specially designed mobile plexaglass contained environment where the tech can work, but contains all of the dust or particulate.  In addition, as our employees are our greatest assets and accordingly practice and adhere to strict safety practices at all times and maintain a stellar safety record.


In the event of an equipment failure post sign off, we have over 25,000 technicians located around the country available for dispatch. Depending on the customer requirements, a technician could be used for “remote hands” or work autonomously from a porvided scope of work.

Optimos International LLC is an active participant in the effort to develop Best practices and maintains a leadership role with the Small Cell Forum North America.