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Solutions – not just services

Optimos International, LLCSolutions – not just services


At Optimos we believe in finding smart ways to solve problems. We have so many tools and so much technology at our fingertips that we have no excuse for doing it the same old way just to generate billable hours. Part of the reason we can price all of our services so competitively is because we approach every project with a fresh approach. “What is the BEST way to do this?”

Asking this question has lead us to develop and use a number of Apps, Platforms and Processes that are unique to Optimos. From realtime field reports and closeout packages (Acorn) to Lifecycle Asset Management (Squirrel) we are able to manage teams and, sometimes more importantly, the data from those teams seamlessly and accurately.

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Customer Experience Management

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Acorn (Field Reporting Platform)

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Squirrel (Data and Workflow Management)